El gran vuelo

Documentary film
Directed by Carolina Astudillo
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During the first years of Franco's dictatorship, Clara Pueyo Jornet, member of the Communist Party, escapes from the prison of Les Corts, Barcelona, through the main door. In that moment, her footprint gets lost forever. She had lived in a constant escape and she pretended to run away from the rigidity of her own party. Her strory is also the story of women in her time and the fight for freedom in a society that tried to suppress them.



  • Best Documentary. Festival de Málaga Cine Español (Sección Oficial Documental. España, 2015)
  • Best Documentary. Feroz Puerta Oscura Award given by the Asociación de Informadores Cinematográficos de España (AICE).


Cast and Crew

Direction and script: Carolina Astudillo
Script Consultant: Isa Campo
Editing: Georgia Panagou y Ana Pfaff
Voice-over: Sergi Dies


Technical Data

Duration: 60'