Images echo

Exhibition in Bolit Girona and Arts Sants Monica Barcelona

In 2018, the Center Pompidou in Paris hosted a retrospective by Isaki Lacuesta, curated by Sylvie Pras and coordinated by Judith Revault. In this exhibition, two new installations were presented, Les imatges eco and Els films dobles, which recreated images from both previous creations and new films in various parts of the world.

The two video installations premiered in Paris are now presented in Catalonia as part of the exhibition "Eco images. Isaki Lacuesta", which incorporates two more works, the video installation The third face of the moon (which Lacuesta created especially for the chapel of Sant Nicolau, in the Bòlit de Girona, in collaboration with the Girona sculptor Pep Admetlla and which is now being adapted to the Santa Mònica Arts space), and a new work which is premieres at Arts Santa Mònica: The Defendant (a southern case).

These works highlight Isaki Lacuesta's creative and multidisciplinary capacity as a visual artist, a facet he has developed since the beginning of his artistic career. Lacuesta starts from cinema and the visual arts to research new formats for presenting works, seeking collaboration with creators from other disciplines to generate amazing works for the richness of looks, voices and combinations.

The exhibition is completed with photographs by two authors related to the film work of Isaki Lacuesta: Jorge Fuembuena and Oscar Orengo.