Cravan vs Cravan

(2002) 97'
Produced by Mallerich Films, Benecé Produccions


In 1918, the boxer and poet Arthur Cravan disappeared in the Gulf of Mexico without trace. Nowadays, another boxer and artist, the film-maker Frank Nicotra, decides to investigate on Cravan: this leads him to travel from Switzerland to Mexico through Paris, London, and Barcelona, where the mysterious figure of Cravan, who was also the nevew of Oscar Wilde, had fought a legendary match against the heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson. The investigation gives him the opportunity to reconstruct a fragment of the life of an extreme person, and to reflect on the boundary between documentary and fiction, imagination of the real and imagined reality.


Sant Jordi  RNE  to the Best Spanish Opera Prima (2002)

Públic Award,  Festival Internacional de Cine de Sitges (2002)

Revelation Filmmaker,  Festival Internacional de Sitges (2002)

Best Film, Festival de Cine de Vitoria (2002)

Best Opera Prima, RNE Sant Jordi  (2003)

Special Mention of the Jury to the Script and Direction, Festival Ópera Prima de Tudela (2002)

Cinema Rescat Award to the Best use of archives in a film (2002)


Frank Nicotra, Eduardo Arroyo, Maria Lluïsa Borras, Enric Casassas, Marcel Fleiss, Carles Hac Mor, Bernard Heidsieck, Le Diablo Mariachi, Merlin Holland, Juli Lorente, Adalaida Perillós y Le Cirque Perilleus, Pierre Pilatte, Humberto Rivas, Marian Varela, Ester Xargay.


Scriptwriter and director: Isaki Lacuesta
Executive producers: Paco Poch, Xavier Atance
Delegate producers: Jordi Balló, Yves Jeanneau
Director of photography: Gerardo Gormezano
Editing: Domi Parra
Production designer: Maite Sánchez
Sound: Xavi Mas
Music: Víctor Nubla
Songs by Pascal Comelade
Costume designer: Imma Rondan
Makeup: Raquel Espada

Produced by Mallerich Films Paco Poch, Benece Produccions
with the collaboration of  Canal +, Arte, Pathé Archives, ICAA, ICIC, Máster de Documental de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Year: 2002
Genre: Documentary
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Languages: spanish/catalan/english/french
Subtitles: spanish/catalan/french
Running time: 97 min