Double Steps (Los pasos dobles)

(2011) 87'
Produced by Tusitala PC, Bord Cadre Films

A film about Africa at present, in the past, and – perhaps – in the future. A travel through time whereby we are confronted with so many stories, mysteriously crossing each other. A man embodying the French painter François Augiéras; some people looking for a bunker in the middle of the desert; a dune beside the sea; a gang of criminal bikers, some mysterious fortune-tellers, an almost human-shaped baobab, and a painter portraying the shapes of ancient African art. Los pasos dobles proceeds according to a narrative based on non-obvious connections, surprising paths, and stories spawning or connecting to other stories.


Concha de Oro, San Sebastian International Film Festival  2011

Critics award, Festival Internacional de Guadalajara (México)


Bokar Dembele alias Bouba, Miquel Barceló, Alou Cissé alias Zol, Hamadoun Kassogue, Amon Pegnere Dolo, Amassagou Dolo, Abinum Dolo, Soumaïla Sabata, Djenebou Keita, Mahamadou Camara.


Produced by Tusitala P. C. (España) / Bord Cadre Films (Suiza) / TELEVISIÓN Española

Executive producers: Luisa Matienzo / Dan Wechsler

Director: Isaki Lacuesta

Scripwriters: Isa Campo / Isaki Lacuesta

Director of Photography: Diego Dussuel

Production Designer: Sebastián Birchler

Production Director: Luis Gutiérrez

Editing: Domi Parra

Music: Gerard Gil

Sound: Amanda Villavieja

First assistant director: Luis Bértolo

Casting: Cendrine Lapuyade

Technical data

Year: 2011

Genre: Fiction

Screen Ratio: 16:9 anamorph/HD (Red One)

Languages: Bambara, dogon, french.
Subtitles:spanish, catalan, english, french.

Running time: 87 min