…Disco!!! (The goddess of Trap will kill the industry of ...)

Theatre work, play, trap concert, dj session, performance, rehearsal of a film that will never exist: Phil Spector and the young goddess of music Bea Pelea discuss, in a generational duel, about subversion, poetry, publicity, life and market

Rock devoured by punk devoured by mtv devoured by house devoured by grunge devoured by etc, by Calvin Klein, Zuckerberg and The Iphone.

… Disc !!! The goddess of the Trap will kill the industry industria is a theatrical rehearsal open to the public. On stage, a well-known and young trap singer meets a film actor. The first plays a character very similar to herself. Poet, anarchist, and alleged drug addict, hypersensitive, talented and charismatic. The actor plays an old-school music producer, an alter ego by Phil Spector. The Encounter is a rehearsal for the filming of a film where the director enters the scene and leads the actors with instructions, corrections and suggestions. Occasionally the director projects videos so that the actors can visualize with examples what they are looking for.

The piece proposes a reflection on how each generation creates its own spirit of subversion, expressiveness and poetry. On how the record and fashion industries seek to capture this spirit in order to turn it into a trend, into commercial solvency. The tradition of Hip Hop (Trap included) has been extremely perceptive to this “fight-against-the-system / commercial phagocytosis accepted or not” tension and has made it a recurring theme of its lyrics, its aesthetics and almost from his vital philosophy.