Chaplin, a man of the world

(In preproduction)
A journey into the "Romipen" (Gypsyness) of Charlie Chaplin's life and work, and a celebration of the vibrant Romany tradition, directed by Carmen Chaplin, Charlie's grandaughter.
Script: Carmen Chaplin, Isaki Lacuesta, Amaia Ramírez.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of letters Charlie received over the decades, he kept one letter locked-away in his bedside table intimately close to him. The Romany author of the letter recounts the night Charlie Chaplin was born. It is plausible that the traditional account of his birth is false: what if Charlie wasn't born in London but instead in the Gypsy Queen's caravan on the 'Black Patch', and concealed this all his life? -What does this mean for the man and for his work?