Caras vs Caras

(2000) 15'


A champion of boxing, Arturo Caras, disappeared without a trace during the post war. Rumours talk about a clandestine fight to death in a bull ring, about torture sessions... Some years later, four characters finally explain what they think about what happened.



Albatros Critics Award Crítica to the best short film, Valencia.

Best Production Award International Cinema Festival, Girona.



Víctor Alba, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Josep Castillo Escalona, Enric Casamitjana, Frank Nicotra.



Director and scriptwriter: Isaki Lacuesta

Executive producer: Paco Poch

Director of photography: Gerardo Gormezano

Sound: Xavi Mas

Editing: Domi Parra

Music: Mauricio Sotelo, interpretada por Enrique Morente

Director Assistant: Javier Gil, Abel García

Art Directior: Maite Sánchez


Technical data

35mm., color and B/W, 15 min.