Draft (Esbozo)

(2004) 5'


From the short strory of Robert Walter with the same title (published in "Historias de amor", ed. Siruela), a draft of what could have been and maybe it wasn't.

Notes: In summer 2004, we met a group of friends to cooperate in the shooting of the first short film in Pere Vilà's cinematography, "Els peixos del riu Leteu". With only the reel that was left, leaving from the party of the end of the filming, we used the sunset to shoot those improvised meters. Some months later, we assembled them as a gift for Pep Prieto's birthday. Once we developed the images, he was the one that appeared the most, and therefore, the unexpected main character of this "Draft" ("Esbozo").

Cast and Crew: Teamwork with Laura Betato, Paloma Bomé, Isa Campo, Jordi Casadevall, Sérgio Dies, Diego Dussuel, Edgar Gallart, Abel Garcia, Pep Prieto, Amanda Villavieja.

Format and duration: 35 mm (video copy), 5 minutes.