Refree (Ramírez 11012017)

Videoclip for Refree's song "Ramírez 11012017", del album Jai Alai Vol. 01

"After his alliances with Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Rosalía, Lee Ranaldo and many other first class artists, Raül Fernandez recovers his solo authorship in the first EP (vinyl of 10") of an essential collection. 

Mr. Refree combines exhibition and commitment experimental sound through eight variants of his stylistic treatise to the six strings.

From flamenco sighs in "Ramírez 19022017a" to the torrential drone galactic chiseled in "Telecaster 01032017c", wallows at ease on his sonica palette, and he does it by means of three types of guitar that mark the heterodox feature of his rubric: Ramírez, Telecaster and Gibson LGO. Through these variables, "Jai Alai Vol. 01" takes shape based on different bifurcations where, as is usual in his guide route, the stylistic canons are metabolized under the energy of a voice - this time instrumental - that does not understand common words.

At the stroke of folk shrouded, kosmische beat or acoustic noise, this small kaleidoscope is unified by the weight of some shots collected at their exact point of cooking.

A new example of his chameleon-like ability, which this time is at the same level of the stars of guitar exploration like Jim O'Rourke or David Grubbs. "