(2015) Dance performance
Directed and choreographed by Cesc Gelabert
Audiovisual: Jordi Morató
Production: Teatre Nacional De Catalunya, Futbol Club Barcelona, Media-Pro y Gelabert Azzopardi 
Audiovisual Production: La Termita Films

The hybridization of languages -English and Catalan- in the title of this show is used by the choreographer Cesc Gelabert in order to present an hybridization of two main nonverbal languages in our culture: football and dance. Therefore, he states a dialogue between the expressive power and the poetic nature of these dramatic manifestations. Foot-ball is the ocasion to see the dancers of Gelabert Azzopardi that decode, using choreographies, some of the best moves of FC Barcelona. It is recreated with a documentary by the filmmaker Jordi Morató and also Cesc Gelabert.