The Damned (Los condenados)

(2009) 104'
Produced by Benecé



In the woods of a Latin-American country, two ex-guerrillas meet at a clandestine excavation site looking for the corpse of a comrade, who died thirty years earlier. They find out they are not the same as they used to be when fighting for a shared ideal. Their encounter will have unexpected consequences, and as pressure increases, the secrets that have been driving each other’s lives come to the surface and the two men will have to face demons and secrets. As the characters are unravelled, their truth is reflected onto the space of the wilderness where they keep on digging, convinced that memory brought to light implies that some justice can still be done.

Festivals and Awards

Premiere in Rotterdam Intermational FilmFestival.
Best Spanish film of the year, Catalan Association of Film Critics

Gaudí Award to the Best Catalan Film, 2010
Best Spanish film of the decade (Rockdelux).
Special Award of the Jury for the Best Film, Las Palmas International Film Festival Silver Apricoc, International Film Festival of Yerevan
Best Actor, Las Palmas International Film Festival
Best Film and Best Sound, Alcances Film Festival
Best Film, Best Director and Best Script, Guayaquil International Film Festival Public award to the Best Film, Cinema Latino Tubingen.
Special mention an Award of the Young jury, Nantes Film Festival


Daniel Fanego (Martín), Arturo Goetz (Raúl), Leonor Manso (Andrea), María Fiorentino (Vicky), Juana Hidalgo (Luisa), Bárbara Lennie (Silvia), Nazareno Casero (Pablo).


Directed by Isaki Lacuesta

Scriptwriters: Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta.

Executive producer: Xavier Atance

Director of photography: Diego Dussuel

Sound: Amanda Villavieja

Editing: Domi Parra.

Music: Gerard Gil. 

Technical data

Year: 2009
Genre: Ficción
Screen Ratio: 16:9
Languages: español
Subtitles:  inglés
Running time: 104 min