Déjà vu 1. Paisatges que desapareixen

(2003) 4'



The poet Enric Casassas walks through the ruins of the bull ring of Las Arenas in Barcelona, while we can hear the song "Sag mir wo die Blumen sind" of Marlene Dietrich.



It's a piece made using discarded footage from "Cravan vs Cravan", recyled for this occasion. When we filmed these images, the place of Las Arenas was already abandoned for many years, every time farther away from the old shows, bullfightis and boxing fights -Casassas told me that in that place he saw Nureyev danzing, crossing the bull ring transformed into an immense stage-, and closer to a restoration, beeing converted into a macro shopping mall.

The ways of understanding leisure change with the building profiles. When we filmed it, Las Arenas was a night shelter for the Moroccan homeless immigrants. The area wasn't and won't be so beautiful as it used to be: there's no other reason to justify this piece. 


Technical data: Super 16 mm (video copy). 4 minutes.