The Creator of the Jungle

(2014) Documentary, 74'
Directed by Jordi Morató
Produced by La Termita Films and Universitat Pompeu Fabra




This is the story of a man who created a jungle next to the highway, building with his bare hands beautiful and unbelievable works of engineering in the forest. This is also the story of how he ended up burning them to ashes to reconstruct them, time after time, over decades. He is known as “Garrell”, also as “Tarzan from Argelaguer”, and he is not driven by any apparent purpose, except one: going “on the go”

The tale of how he came to create a fantasy world is portrayed to us through his own footage, peculiar Tarzan remakes recorded with the collaboration of a 14-year-old boy. But also through the images of a north American art historian and finally, through the footage of the author of this documentary, who puts together the pieces of an extraordinary life of numerous facets: the aged man who is still a child at heart, the modern savage, the visionary admired for those who go on a pilgrimage to his forest, the misunderstood to whom many labelled a lunatic... As he says: “In my jungle I have everything I need. This will be my life. I want nothing to do with the white civilized man”.



Fénix Award  (Best documentary Film).

Visual Cine Novísimo. Festival de Óperas Primas, España. (Best Ópera Prima)

Alcances, Muestra cinematográfica del Atlántico, Cádiz (Best documentary film)

Festival Internacional de Málaga 2014 (Spetial mention of the audience)

Festival Internacional de Cinema d'Autor 2014, Barcelona (Audience Award)

Trento Film Festival 2014 (Audience Award and Jury's Prize)

MedFilm Festival Roma Italia (Spetian Mention of the Jury)



 - International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014. (8 position in the ranking of public favorits films)

- Festival Internacional de Málaga, Spain 

- Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Canada 

- Visions du Réel, Switzerland

- D’A Festival Internacional de Cinema d'Autor, Spain 

- IndieLisboa, Portugal

- Trento Film Festival, Italy 

- Documenta Madrid, Spain

- Docs Barcelona, Spain

- Olhar de Cinema, Brasil

- MED Film Festival, Italy

- Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea        

- Taipei International Film Festival, Taiwan

- T-Mobile New Horizons Film Festival, Poland

- Syros International Film Festival, Greece

- European Film Festival Palic, Serbia

- Alcances Muestra Cinematográfica del Atlántico, Spain

- Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián, Spain

- Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada

- BFI London Film Festival, UK

- Antenna International Documentary Film Festival, Australia

- Festival International Du Film De La Roche-Sur-Yon, France

- Seminci. Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid, Spain

- Visual Cine Novísimo. Festival de Óperas Primas, Spain

- Viennale International Film Festival, Austria

- Transcinema. Festival Internacional de No-ficción, Peru

- Cinemed. Festival Cinema Mediterraneen Montpellier, França

- Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali, Colòmbia

- Leeds International Film Festival, UK

- Memorimage. Festival Internacional de Cinema de Reus, Spain

- Mostra Documento São Paulo, Brasil

- Festival Internacional de Cine Mar del Plata, Argentina

Artistic Data

Josep Pijiula "Garrell" (Tarzan), Ricard Ayats (son de Tarzan), Ivó Pijiula (son of Tarzan), Aleix Oliveras, Josep M.Costa, Albert Pujolar, Jordi Pujolar, David Fernández, Miquel Masdevall, Isaac Merino, Joel Vila.

Voice over Jordi Morató

Tecnical Data
Scriptwritter and Director Jordi Morató
Original idea
Jordi Morató, Laia Ribas, Charly Torrebadella

Script Editors Isaki Lacuesta, Gonzalo de Lucas y Elías León Siminiani
Director of photography 
Jordi Morató, Laia Ribas
Jordi Morató, Laia Ribas
Jordi Morató, Laia Ribas

Editing assistant Margarida Meneses
Charly Torrebadella

Color postproduction: Albert Sellés
Audio postproduction: Ignasi Jacob

Executive Production Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta, Jordi Morató

Delegate producers UPF Gonzalo de Lucas, Aitor Martos